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Coilover Suspension Kit Integrale (Inverted)

£802.00 £962.40 (inc vat)

Coilover Suspension Kit

  • INTEGRALE 2.0 8V
  • INTEGRALE 2.0 16V



  • Brand: 
  • RM series for Fast Road and Pro Circuit use (Inverted dampers) 6/3 kg or 8/6 kg
  • Coilovers kits are sold as vehicle set, front & rear dampers, springs and top mounts
  • Complete Coilover suspension with height adjustable spring platform,
  • adjustable damper rebound and camber adjustable machined aluminium top mounts
  • SKU: 2110886 | 6/3 kg
  • SKU: 2110888 | 8/6 kg

 Availability: Special order products despatched in 6 to 14 working days


RM Series (Inverted dampers)

The RM series feature high-quality damping adjustable monotube inverted dampers at the front and rear of the vehicle.

The RM coilovers offer the majority of the features of the BR series with the additional benefit of the inverted damper unit. Inverting the damper unit brings with it a number of advantages.

Unsprung weight is reduced by moving the oil and gas reservoir away from the hub and attaching it to the shell.

Unsprung weight is vital to a cars performance as a lighter wheel and hub assembly which readily moves in response to road bumps will have more grip when tracking over an imperfect road.

Spares are readily available so these units make a good long term proposition unlike many of the budget kits appearing on the market.


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