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Camshaft Set Delta HF Turbo (Fast Road Medium)

£441.16 £529.39 (inc vat)

Colombo & Bariani Performance Camshaft set

  • LANCIA DELTA (1986-1992)



  • SKU: LD8.SM1
  • Application: Fast Road Medium


Camshaft Data

This product is supplied with the following specifications:

Cam lift
Inlet cam lift: 10.3 mm - Exhaust 8.9 mm

280° / 260°

Inlet 28° - 72° / Exhaust 60° - 20°

Lobe centre angles 
112° / 110°

Valve lift Top Dead Centre (TDC)
Inlet cam 1.9 / Exhaust cam 0.9

0.40 / 0.50


Your benefits:

  • Increased engine performance
  • High-quality steel billet with heat treatment for long lifetime
  • This profile provides good middle range torque and power
  • Made in Italy by Colombo & Bariani

All Camshafts are sold on the basis of their declared technical specifications and without regard for the performance obtainable, which may be affected, among other things, by other engine design parameters.


Availability: Special order products usually despatched in 7 to 14 working days. Please contact us to check availability/delivery time.

In August Italian manufacturers are closed for summer holidays, there will be a delay in supply of Colombo & Bariani camshafts.


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